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Middle Eastern Restaurants in Geneva

Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Geneva

Dietary reference values: advice on riboflavin

EFSA has set dietary reference values for riboflavin (vitamin B2) as part of its review of scientific advice on nutrient intakes.

EFSA reviews safety of glutamates added to food

EFSA has established a safe intake level for glutamic acid and glutamates used as food additives after re-evaluating their safety.

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in tea, herbal infusions and food supplements

Exposure to pyrrolizidine alkaloids in food, in particular for frequent and high consumers of tea and herbal infusions, is a possible long-term concern for human health due to their potential carcinogenicity, say EFSA’s experts.

Europe: Chicken, poultry products highest on recall list

Recalls of chicken and other poultry meats are at their highest level since 2002, according to a Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS report.

Europe: Givaudan, IMCD offer flavors to market

Givaudan enters into a distribution partnership with IMCD, a distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients.

Europe: Germany’s love for traditional game meat

A TÜV SÜD survey examines how adventurous meat-eaters in Germany are when it comes to more unusual types of meat from animals such as kangaroo, ostrich and snake.

The Swiss food and drink you’d miss if you left Switzerland

When you move to a new country one of the perks is exploring the food and drink of your new home.

Swiss socialists call for crackdown on hipster food at public pools

Swiss summer days call for lounging around by the pool, but in the city of Bern, a debate over poolside snacks has become political.

Companies that have chosen Geneva

ome 130 multinationals already have a headquarters base in Geneva. Some of the reasons they have in common for choosing Geneva are the city’s central location in Europe and proximity to Africa and the Middle East

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Restaurant Halal Genève

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