Ideal location
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Ideal location

Ideal location

Ideally located in the heart of Europe, Geneva is within easy reach of the European Union’s 450 million consumers.

Geneva is less than two hours away from all major European cities. It is at the center of Europe’s highway and rail network: high-speed trains will take you rapidly to the heart of Paris or Milano, while intercity trains provide efficient connections to Germany and Spain.

Geneva boasts Europe’s shortest airport to downtown business district commuting time (4km). Establishing one's business within the industrial and commercial zones in the airport vicinity will also contribute to  reduce commuting time.

Regional dynamics

Geneva enjoys privileged relationships with neighbouring France, especially the vibrant Rhône-Alpes region, whose strengths complement Geneva’s own clusters in sectors including medical technology, life sciences and microtechnologies (such as for instance the centres of excellence in the field of cancer research in Lyon and of genetics in Grenoble ).

Geneva also offers direct access to three main European cultural test markets thanks to Switzerland's three linguistic regions: the French-, German- and Italian-speaking regions.

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