Highly skilled & productive workforce
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Highly skilled & productive workforce

Highly skilled & productive workforce

Switzerland achieves high scores in any international ranking for competitiveness, due primarily to its strong added value services, its specialized industries and a motivated workforce. In spite of its small size and population, Switzerland stands out as one of the countries with the greatest number of valid patents per resident, the highest per-capita spending on science, research and education.

Flexibility and high qualification skills of the local workforce point to the excellent teaching levels dispelled in the Lake Geneva Region’s schools and universities such as the University of Geneva, the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (hepia / Hes-so) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Geneva's workforce is composed of employees who are:

    motivated and achieving highest rankings according to IMD (International Institute for Management Development);
    hard-working with an average 1,894 hours worked per year;
    multilingual with31.7% of Geneva’s population speaking English at work and most people fluent in a second or third language;
    qualified with 90% of Geneva’s young population having obtained a secondary school degree.

Companies which decide to locate their business operations in Geneva benefit from the exceptional Swiss regulatory environment. Due to its flexible employment regulations and a remarquably low level of labor conflicts, Switzerland represents an ideal business environment for entrepreneurs.

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