Quality of life, leisure & culture
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Quality of life, leisure & culture

Quality of life, leisure & culture

Quality of life in the Lake Geneva region is most exceptional. Geneva is remarquable, first of all, for its natural beauty. Set on the vast expanse of Lake Léman, surrounded by mountains, Geneva enjoys breathtaking views of the Mont Blanc peak and the Alps.

Geneva is a small lively and easy-going cosmopolitan town. Among all the European cities, it has one of the shortest commuting times to the airport (only 4 km from airport to downtown).  Surrounded by small picturesque villages, Geneva is composed of a large rural area, thereby enabling residents to enjoy a quiet community and village-style of life while still working in the city center.

Geneva’s mosaic of nationalities generates a fantastic range of cultural activities. Furthermore, with over 1,200 restaurants offering gourmet cuisine from all over the world, Geneva will provide satisfaction for all palates.

Last but not least, Geneva is a paradise for sports. Sailing, water-skiing or sculling on the lake, team sports - baseball, rugby, American football, soccer -, skiing, snowboarding, hiking or rock-climbing in the nearby Jura or Alps, you will easily find a club or a group in the region to join with whom you may share your passions.

 Some useful links to discover Geneva's rich cultural calendar:

    The City of Geneva agenda lists all important events and shows, with links to relevant websites for further information.
    The Geneva Tourism events calendar provides a complete overview of all events in Geneva.

Some summer festivals and events organised in the Geneva region:

    Bol d'Or: Europe's largest lake sailing race, on Lake Geneva
    Fête de la Musique: a three day music festival offering free concerts all over Geneva
    Cinelac open-air cinema: to watch your favorite movies by the lakeside
    Genève Fêtes: the highlight of the summer season, which includes fairground attractions, a variety of entertainments, out-door concerts and fireworks
    Paleo Festival Nyon: one of the most famous music festivals in Europe
    Montreux Jazz Festival: one of the best world venues for jazz, rock and classical music

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